cant share internet connection on my system

  lokoponty 31 Aug 11

my system an emachine e350 wouldnt share wireless connection to other computers but can receive perfectly well.when i try to set up an adhoc network,it does not show me turn on internet connection sharing,so when other computers try to connect,it just shows they re connected only on my system but not on the other ones and they cant access the internet also.the network discovery too wont stay on, every time i turn it on and save changes it goes back to off.can anyone please help me out.i use a win7 ultimate

  recap 31 Aug 11

Check your Firewall settings are set to allow the connection

  lokoponty 31 Aug 11

i already tried that..i even deactivated all the firewall but its still not working

  recap 02 Sep 11

I would also check your antivirus program is set to allow the connection

  mgmcc 03 Sep 11

In order to run Internet Connection Sharing, the computer must have at least two network adapters installed - one to connect to the internet and a second to connect to the "client" computers. In the adapter that is used to connect to the internet, tick the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection".

When you do this, the adapter with which you're connecting the Client computer will be given the IP address by Windows. The Client computer will get its address automatically by DHCP from the Host computer and in the subnet (IP address range). Because ICS uses this subnet, it is important that your router doesn't have the address and allocate addresses in the range to, otherwise there will be a conflict. The router's own address would have its third octet (number) changed from zero to 1 or 2 etc.

  kristain 15 Sep 11


Can you from a cmd prompt type ipconfig /all from both pcs when connected to the internet and post the results. To get cmd prompt type cmd.exe in the search and then type into the black box


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