Can't set up dial up connection

  harristweed 09:48 17 Jun 06

This is driving me crazy!!!

I have a Compaq laptop with windows XP Home. Legal and upto date. If I try and set up a Dial UP connection the wizard won’t go passed the seconded screen ‘Network Connection type”. The next button doesn’t do any thing.

On an existing connection –Network connections, TCP/IP the ‘Install’ Uninstall’ and ‘properties’ buttons are greyed out.

If I try and set up a Home Network, I get a message ‘You don’t have the required permissions….’.

There is only one user account and it administrator. I’ve tried setting up a second administrator account and that has the same problems!

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

  bobevet 12:05 17 Jun 06

It's a known fault with Windows XP SP1 - usually after running a recovery CD or similar.
The only successful resolve I've ever seen is either reinstalling SP1 over the top, or try repairing your system from the recovery disk

  harristweed 12:24 17 Jun 06

Thanks bobevet, this is SP2.

I have not run any recovery disks.

It just happened after the latest 'security update' from the world rulers!

I have a recovery disk, but that would mean reinstalling everything and the time that takes!!!

I might try Linux but i'm not sure all my programs will run on it!

  ade.h 14:33 17 Jun 06

I don't suppose that it's as simple as a disabled modem is it?

Is all as it should be in Device Manager?

  harristweed 14:58 17 Jun 06

And I don't think the modem affects the network setup which is via ethernet card!

But thanks anyway.

This is a real pain. I have lost my ADSL and it won't be back for 2 weeks+. I can use a friends ADSL but windows has decided I'm not going too as I can't set up networks of even dial up's!!!

  ade.h 15:10 17 Jun 06

Sorry, I probably misread your post. I wasn't aware that it is apparently affecting the settings of your LAN. Though it may not be related (as I cannot see how it would affect it).

Have you tried setting up the dial-up connection by inputting the settings manually, without the wizard? This is how I used to do it, but I have been on ADSL for so long now that I cannot recall specific details.

  harristweed 16:55 17 Jun 06

I can't get to anything. Either greyed out or won't let me access it.

I can't even edit an existing dial up!

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