Cant Send From Thunderbird Using Hotmail Account

  Legslip 11 Dec 12

Using Tbird Ver 17. When sending it states "SMTP server timed out" Outgoing Server settings are: Server Name; Port; 995 Auth Method; Normal Password Connection Security; SSL/TLS

Any ideas?

  Legslip 11 Dec 12


I know 25 o/going works in Out Express so have set that in Tbird but still doesn't work. Also tried 995, no good.

  Legslip 11 Dec 12

When was this written? Still no good. Can only set Security to SSL/TLS or STARTTLS or None.

  difarn 11 Dec 12

I have this set up for POP and it works fine - Server name is

  Sea Urchin 12 Dec 12

How to set up your Hotmail account on Thunderbird

Mail settings

  lotvic 12 Dec 12

outgoing should be port 587 server:

  Legslip 12 Dec 12

Thanks all for efforts BUT still no b....y good! I get "The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server timed out".

Server is set to, Port is 587, Connection Security is SSL/TLS.

Any further suggestions? Clean ones!

  difarn 12 Dec 12

Have you tried clearing the set-up completely, re-starting pc and starting all over again.

Port 25 should work but if not 587 - is your anti virus set to scan outgoing e-mails.

  Legslip 13 Dec 12

Thanks Difarn but done all that. Shut down MS Sec Essentials and tried both ports. Sure it's something stupid but at the mo cant crack it.

  lotvic 13 Dec 12

mine has security set to SSL (both for in and out) and has 'Server requires Authentication' ticked.

  Legslip 14 Dec 12

Thanks Lotvic

I can only set security to either SSl/TLS, None or Starttls, NOT SSL alone. Where is the option 'Server requires Authentication' to tick?

Hang on, think I've cracked it. Tried with STARTTLS and it's sent. What the 'ell is STARTTLS and why has no one else mentioned using it?


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