cant sell on ebay?(cant browse for categories)

  GEEKSTA 17:49 22 Mar 07

I want to sell a itme on ebay, so when i click on SELL on the top of the page( im loged in) , it takes me to another page wehre i can select a category for my item.
But when i go to click on any of the categories it doesnt work, (its not a link, its just normal text.)
Why itst it a link?
and how do i continue to select a category for my item??

Thanks in advance

  SANTOS7 17:59 22 Mar 07

Are you useing the tick box on the left

  GEEKSTA 18:00 22 Mar 07

which tick box?

  SANTOS7 18:03 22 Mar 07

in front of the list of categories there is a tick box (well there is on my page)

  GEEKSTA 18:07 22 Mar 07

sorry but I dont see any tick box, or anything like that?

  SANTOS7 18:11 22 Mar 07

then you are not on the right page.
You log in, click on sell, type in dialog box what you are selling, click on sell it, list of categories comes up,each has a tick box, tick box, click save and continue..

  GEEKSTA 18:14 22 Mar 07

i have tried that, when i type in my item, it takes my to another page "search for categories" and there is nothing there???

  SANTOS7 18:18 22 Mar 07

What are you trying to sell? It can't be that obscure that it has no categories..

  GEEKSTA 18:21 22 Mar 07

Im trying to sell a baby cot.
When i click on browse for categoires before typing anything in , it takes me to a list with about 20 categories, when i try to click on "baby" it wont do anything, because its not a link, its a grey colour basically saying that its just normal text and not a link.

  SANTOS7 18:22 22 Mar 07

Hang on a mo and i'll try the same..

  SANTOS7 18:26 22 Mar 07

Not sure whats wrong, i have just typed cot into the "what you are selling" dialog box clicked on sell and got a full list of categories selected the top one as a test and clicked "save and continue" no probs at all..

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