cant see signatures

  scan513 17:11 13 Nov 03

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this one.....

I'm on another site and have a Weather Gizmo as a signature (click here)the problem is some can see it and others can't! is that their browsers fault? I gave a member one the other day and she can't see it but others can! If its a browser fault can you explain it to me please? she did see it when she added it but something happened to her computer and now she can't see any of the sigs!

  Proxy Worm 17:57 13 Nov 03

I see it - what browser you got IE,Opera etc?

  hugh-265156 19:02 13 Nov 03

xp IE6 and ntl bb

all ok here scan513

  scan513 19:32 13 Nov 03

It's not a big deal but I was just curious why some other people can't see it, I have IE Netscape Mozilla and Opera browsers myself and can see it fine in them all.

  Mike ® 21:23 13 Nov 03

ht tp:// this is where the link takes me, ablank page. delete space in http for link to work.

  scan513 12:09 14 Nov 03

Hi Mike,

Dont understand that space in http at your end as it doesent appear when I link to it?

I thought I solved the problem ... but it turns out she still can't see it I thought it was the security settings blocking Java so I asked her to adjust it to low that was done but no joy has anyone else got any ideas, as to what it is? she uses Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  scan513 15:35 14 Nov 03


  scan513 12:22 18 Nov 03

Could Cookies be causing the problem and how are they turned off?

  Djohn 12:34 18 Nov 03

Link works fine for me through AOL browser and IE browser. j.

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