Can`t see pictures on a forum...any thoughts??

  GasGasOhlins 08:57 29 Mar 07

Yes...I`ve been a member of a motorcycle forum for ages now. Last night for the first time I clicked on an off road `ride report` to find that I can read the text only but theres no pictures present. Other members who replies to the report can see the pix. I must say though that on other threads about ride reports I can see pictures,but in the site in general theres some more threads that show pix and some that do not,ie,on the general discussion threads I can click on any Youtube links that are supplied. I`m running XO pro and all antivirus etc and suchlike are showing clear. Any thoughts as to what th eproblem may be folks???....(of course the ride report I want to see is a really good one) The website is long standing site called click here that allows for all sorts of adventure riding. The thread I`m trying to look at is a ride in Indonesia and is
click here

  wotbus@ 09:07 29 Mar 07

Hi. You don't say what browser you are using. I just clicked your link with FireFox, my web browser, and all the pictures display. In my Tools, Options, Content tab I have a clickable "Load Images automatically" box. If you have FF look there. If not, try it as it's streets ahead of anything else. If you use IE7 look for something similar.
(Duke - IoM most yrs in the 80's :-)

  Andsome 09:33 29 Mar 07

In IE/Tools/Internet options/Advanced. Scroll down and ensure that there is a tick in the box to show pictures.

  GasGasOhlins 09:42 29 Mar 07

mmm...I`m on Firefox also....just checked my contents tab to see if there was a tickmark in it where you say...which there was...still no pix showing...should I re install firefox somehow or try to find some sort of update there...??..


  Technotiger 09:47 29 Mar 07

In FF ... Tools>Options>Advanced>Update ... check for updates...

  GasGasOhlins 10:00 29 Mar 07

..updates recent as of 21.03.07...a security update..nothing since....


  provider 2 10:07 29 Mar 07

Both of your links` photos are there on AOL/IE 7, perhaps a little slow to arrive though.

  GasGasOhlins 10:18 29 Mar 07

....yes..i tried waiting a while and they still did`nt load....i will try it again and wait 5 minutes to see if they appear....


  provider 2 10:19 29 Mar 07

Not that sort of slow, Gas; I`m talking seconds here.

  GasGasOhlins 10:45 29 Mar 07

I know....waited 5 mins just to no avail...should I try downloading IE& to compare??....I really have no idea!!...aagghhh!!


  provider 2 10:48 29 Mar 07

I hesitate to recommend IE 7 when you are already having this kind of problem. Do you not have IE 6?

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