Can't save as .jpg only .bmp

  timeteam2004 09:21 03 Apr 05

Hi all
I am having a problem saving anything as a jpg. When I right click and save as I only get the bmp option. Searched all over the net and here and done all of the following. Emptied temp internet files, deleted damaged downloads in downloaded progs folder. Deleted index.dat everywhere. Reinstalled IE and Slimbrowser. No avail nothing zippo. Yet downloaded Firefox and hey presto saving as jpg fine. I do not however like firefox and want to return to slimbrowser. Any help greatly appreciated.

  Forum Editor 09:26 03 Apr 05

If it's images from other web sites you'll probably find they are copyright-protected, and you shouldn't be saving anyway. If the image is a .gif you'll be offered that, plus .bmp as a saving option. If it's a .jpeg you'll be offered .jpeg.

  VoG II 09:33 03 Apr 05
  timeteam2004 09:48 03 Apr 05

Have done all that Vog and it does not work. Forum Editor, I am trying to save free photos available from places like of my local shoreline to use with permission on my new angling site I am building at the moment.I have to download and convert which is time consuming.

  Fingees 10:21 03 Apr 05

If you are able to save OK with Firefox, why not use that for your special downlods. There is nothing to prevent you from having two browsers.

I have firefox (default), and IE, for pages Firefox doesn't like


  timeteam2004 10:27 03 Apr 05

I have kept firefox for that purpose anyway, but I do not like being beaten on something which is probably so simple to resolve I am missing it completely.Forgot to mention though that this happened after recently installing SP2 on my Winxp Pro. It worked OK for a while and then gone.

  pj123 12:16 03 Apr 05

Save them as .bmp first. Download Irfanview from click here and convert them to .jpg from there.

  jimv7 13:16 03 Apr 05

Open them in paint and save as jpeg.

  timeteam2004 08:10 05 Apr 05

Hi all
Thanks for all of your help in this annoying matter. Doenloaded a program called Crap Cleaner from click here and it fixed the prob instantly.

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