can't save .exe files

  vickydee1 19:36 PM 02 Jul 12

When I try to download a files such as one from TrandMicro (HouseCall - Free Online Virus and Spyware Scan)

A small window opens stating from the top:-

Opening HousecallLauncher64.exe

    You have chosen to open


      which is a: Binary File
      From: http;//

Would you like to save this file

                                       Save File    or   Cancel

When I click on the Save File ..... Either another window open saying

The file could not be saved because you do not have the proper permissions.  Choose another save directory.


          Nothing at all happens

Can you please help as I would like to do a virus scan and can't ....

Thankyou Vicky ........... :-(

  vickydee1 12:54 PM 03 Jul 12

Lots of people looking but no answers ...

Please help ..

Vicky ............... :-)

  Forum Editor 19:00 PM 03 Jul 12

Moved to Tech Helproom from the Games forum.

  woodchip 20:05 PM 03 Jul 12

So now we have two questions looking for same answer

  Nontek 20:37 PM 03 Jul 12

So why don't you download and Install MalwareBytes instead, then run a Full Scan.

  lotvic 21:16 PM 03 Jul 12

let's stick to answering on duplicate thread, it has 17 replies so far.


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