Can't run my first Java programs...Help

  Kitz E Kat 20:44 06 Jul 03

Hi, i've just started Java and am getting close to Stopping Java!!!
I downloaded SDK.
I created a file in Notepad, and saved as "".
I went onto DOS and using "javac" compiled the program, now have "" and "Welcome.class", this is all good!!!!
i now type C:\java>java Welcome... and get...
'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command... etc...

I tried this before and it did work, but not now?

The SDK is on my C: drive and the file is in a folder called"java" on my c: drive..

I uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled again, no joy..

Files that did work now don't, i get the same Msg as above...

I would like to learn Java, but im close to havin no hair...
Kitz E Kat

Use a program called textpad instead of note pad, it highlights the coding, and allows you to compile in that.

I never tried using DOS when i done java at uni, just used text pad, and it makes life a lot easier!

Look for TextPad v4.6 from click here

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