cant run fear on pc

  webb204 19:42 27 Dec 06

hi ,i,ve just purchased fear as my first pc game,my pc is a 1 month old evesham solar gs with a dou core 6400 processer and nvidia 7900gs graphics card ,the game runs fine for around 15 ,20 minutes then my pc either cuts out ,or it freezes and you have to turn it off at the wall to get out of game !!! please can somebody help me !!

  aca 20:22 27 Dec 06


I would firstly update your graphics card driver. It may be that it didnt come with the latest.

The other thing that might be happening is that your pc might be over heating. Can you do a visual check to see if all the fans are working?

One thing to do is to make sure that if it does crash it doesn't reboot automatically. Go into Control Panel. System. Advanced. Start up and Recovery Settings. Uncheck Automatically Reboot.

If a crash does occur you might get an error code that will help diagnose problem.

hope this helps

  webb204 20:53 27 Dec 06

thanks for the reply ,cant find my drivers !i have found the latest nvidia version ,but it says to remove old drivers from control panel first , mine arnt there !

  citadel 21:35 27 Dec 06

there are patches for this game.

  webb204 21:42 27 Dec 06

hi ,i,ve downloaded the latest patches (that i can find ) for this game

  citadel 21:53 27 Dec 06 has a nvidea driver forum with all you need to know about drivers. I would try another game to see if it works ok, if not there may be a fault with the pc and you can get it fixed under warranty.

  webb204 22:21 27 Dec 06

thanks for everyones help

  SLAYER 08:03 28 Dec 06

I use this to remove old drivers.Download your new ones first. Remove old then install new.

click here

  webb204 20:21 28 Dec 06

thanks to all who replied,turned out i didnt have the latest nvidia drivers installed ,game runs fine now, happy new year to you all !

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