Can't reply to emails

  griffo 09:50 14 Apr 07

I am occassionally having a problem replying to emails. When I conduct a reply, I get an 'undeliverable' message saying "sorry we do not accept mail for [email protected], no such [email protected]"

I can receive and reply to these same emails on my laptop but this desktop PC won't. I am confused by this, any ideas please?

  griffo 13:34 21 Apr 07

This problem is a real pain, I can't reply to any emails I receive - has anybody any ideas please?

  eedcam 13:59 21 Apr 07

Are you saying you are clicking reply on the original email and that is the message that comes up?

  griffo 14:31 21 Apr 07

yes that's exactly what happens - wierd?

  Kate B 14:36 21 Apr 07

Just a thought - are you using some kind of autocomplete to fill in the email address? You might have a spelling error in the name or something that keeps popping up in autocomplete which is causing the domain to reject it.

  birdface 14:47 21 Apr 07

I would try Kate B's solution,its exactly what happened to me,It took me a fortnight to realise there was one letter missing from e-mail address.I kept getting all the mail to that person returned.

  MAJ 14:51 21 Apr 07

Another possibility is that you have two (or more) email addresses listed in OE and when you reply to an email, OE is trying to use your other email provider to try to send the email. That can be checked in Tools > Acconts > Mail tab > Properties button > Servers tab. Check the SMTP setting in there.

  griffo 15:51 21 Apr 07

Can't see where you're coming from with this - if I click 'reply' Outlook automatically inserts the email address of the Sender, so how can there be a spelling mistake?

  Kate B 16:08 21 Apr 07

Just try typing in the email address yourself. There might be some glitch that's adding an extra character somewhere.

  griffo 18:03 21 Apr 07

Tried that, still won't go!

  eedcam 18:08 21 Apr 07

The problem can only happen when you go to send
So when you click reply it has to be the correct addrees of the original sender . Are you checjking the 'From' line it is possible a previous account is showing up in that

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