Can't Remember How To Solve this. Gfx.

  Vitruvian Man 23:47 30 Apr 05

Hello. I have recently installed a new motherboard with all my old stuff and it's basically the same model but it has a few changes such as updated sounds, less ram and pci slot. I was playing this game called "Guild Wars" if you must know, and after playing for maybe 1/2 or an hour the pc just monitor black or standby and the game is gone. Basically it just went dead and it didn't respond to keyboard or mouse. So I restarted and all is fine.

I had this problem a year ago with the same pc and I don't remember how I solved it. Could this have anything to do with graphics card? I think the graphics agp slot has also been updated on this new motherboard. Last time I think I updated the graphics drivers.

This is a seperate problem, where sometimes, when there is a crash in some program or maybe not, cause it might be random, out from the speakers I hear a ear cracking sound. Like buzzing and spitting and just weird. After a while it goes away, If this has to do with the sound drivers, do you know how I can uninstall the old ones and then reinstall the new ones.

Hope someone understands all this and what my problem is, So thanks in advance for any help received.

  Vitruvian Man 23:48 30 Apr 05

Sorry just noticed my mistake on the monitor bit. The monitor went black or into standby and the game's sounds were gone so I assumed a crash.

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