Cant reload windows 92 2nd ed

  dongading 17:11 22 Mar 03

My comp has become a bit unstable (again!!) and keeps on freezing so I decide to reload windows. I get to the first stage where it is scanning the C drive and I get the blue screen with this :

Fatal exception OE at 0028:C)2BB3A0 in
VXD IFSMGR(04) + )))12BBC.

Help me or is this Russian for reformat !!



  dongading 17:13 22 Mar 03

Fatal exceptionline at end should read + 00012BBC.

System in 700mhz amd with 384 ram


  mikef™ 17:37 22 Mar 03

I presume you mean 98 2nd edition, but it does seem as if you need to do a full reformat which is advisable really if your system was unstable.

  dongading 17:59 22 Mar 03

I only did that a couple of months ago. Its not that unstable !! Strange that wthe OE won't reload. tho

  dongading 11:37 02 Apr 03

Can anyone help me with this. I'm going mad.

  MAJ 13:18 02 Apr 03

See if this helps, dongading. click here

  MAJ 13:23 02 Apr 03

PS, I know it's for Encarta, but it might be your problem.

  PA28 13:24 02 Apr 03

Win98 won't reload if it detects that it is already there! When you did a fresh install a couple of months ago, did it go smoothly? Have you checked your system files subsequently to ensure they're not being corrupted (run SFC). I would be inclined to do a full format (even run Fdisk to be sure, if you want!) and reinstall. If the same problems develops, chuck your hard drive in the bin, buy a new one, and do it all over again!

  PA28 13:26 02 Apr 03

... but first see if you can get it to start in safe mode (F8 or del on bootup) and then run Msconfig and find what may be conflicting!

  PA28 13:27 02 Apr 03

.. sorry. Trigger happy. F8 or CTRL (not del) on bootup is what I meant.

  Stalker 13:32 02 Apr 03

Ok, let me get this straight because he is getting blue screens you would say to throw a hdd in the bin, hmmm, remind me never to let you touch my computer!!!

Ok PA28's advice of fdisking and reloading is gonna be the best a "start from scratch" install is what really is needed. If you still continue to have problems straight after or during the install, then you have some kind of hardware problem. Depending on how computer literate you are and how much money you want to spend you have several options.

1. Take it to a local computer shop get them to check it out and operational in no time.

2. Try locating what hardware is causing the problem, try swapping hardware, if you have any un needed pci cards for an install remove those, if you have more than one stick on memory try one at a time etc.

3. Bin the machine and buy a brand new one, from you local computer shop :D


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