Can't register Quicken 98 - website folded

  astral traveller 21:57 22 Apr 07

I've just bought a new pc and transferred all my files and programs over including Quicken. It runs okay except I only have so many uses (15) before I have to register - I have already registered but the new pc doesn't know that - I tried to register again but I've found that the Quicken website wound up last year. I didn't anticipate this and have deleted Quicken from my old pc. Is there anyway around this or do I have to purchase another similar program?

  Woolwell 23:00 22 Apr 07

Quicken stopped support in UK in Jan 2006 click here.

I don't know if this will help click here

  Kate B 00:31 23 Apr 07

Other personal finance apps will import Quicken data if you have to go for something else. Also, Quicken is still alive in the US click here Try emailing them there.

  astral traveller 18:48 27 Apr 07

they did mail be back 2 registration numbers none of which work. Following a further email from me they have suggested I upgrade to Quicken 2007. I probably will have to purchase another program or may try Moneybox. Anyone know which is the best program for downloading or linking with online bank accounts?

  woodchip 19:01 27 Apr 07

There used to be Microsoft Money click here

  neilroyden 13:30 07 May 07

I have the same registration problem and cannot manage to get anything sensible out of Messrs Quicken. Can anybody help me register quicken 98 deluxe PLEASE?

  MaxUpload 13:46 07 May 07

I don't know whether this will be of any help - click here

They ask for a six digit serial number which I assume is the product serial number.

  Kate B 14:09 07 May 07

Money imports Quicken data and if your bank is one o the ones it supports it will connect and download your data without any fuss. Don't tell my dad, but I use Money rather than Moneybox!

  astral traveller 14:19 07 May 07
  Newuser38 15:58 07 May 07

I had the same problem with 2000 de Luxe and quite by accident discovered that clicking the cancel button when you got to the last use, and not the register button, actually enabled continued use.

  pj123 17:35 07 May 07

I stopped using Quicken in favour of Moneybox a couple of years ago.

I didn't/don't use either of them to link with Online banking. I use Excel, but I understand that Moneybox is capable of linking with Online banking.

As I am retired I only use Moneybox to reconcile my bank statements because I can enter better descriptions than my bank statements.

eg. a cheque number on my bank statement means nothing to me, (I have to look up the cheque stub to see the details) but in Moneybox I can enter who and what it paid for.

If you still feel you want to register you could try this site:
click here#

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