Can't read micro SD card

  john bunyan 16:02 29 Sep 10

W7, Photoshop CS5, Multi card inbuilt reader.
I download photos regularly from normal SD cards from cameras, and have done so with a Sony Erricson's micro SD card from a mobile.My wife has a LG mobile, but when I put in it's micro SD card in it's holder , a message appears that I must format the card to enable it to be read. I know there are .jpg images on it, which I do not want to lose. and I have always thought that SD cards should only be formatted on the normal host - in this case the LG mobile.Any views? I prefer not to install yet more software to plug the mobile in to the PC.

  hastelloy 16:11 29 Sep 10

Is the card SDHC (high capacity-over 2GB) and if it is have you used one before? Not all card readers read SDHC.

  woodchip 16:13 29 Sep 10

As above 2gig SD card can be to much for some systems in card readers

  john bunyan 16:14 29 Sep 10

I think it is 2 Gig and a fast transfer. Will have a look at it. Is downloadable sofware available?

  compumac 16:16 29 Sep 10

Is it a question that your inbuilt multi card reader is old (same as mine) and that it cannot identify the micro card or its size? I had a similar problem resulting in me purchasing a modern external card reader and I then had no problems.

Can you transfer to PC via BlueTooth?

  john bunyan 16:17 29 Sep 10

No it just says Sandisk 2 GB micro sd. I have read these before.

  woodchip 16:19 29 Sep 10

You can get card readers with micro SD slot I have one. Where it does not need the adapter

  woodchip 16:20 29 Sep 10

You can get card readers with micro SD slot I have one. Where it does not need the adapter

  john bunyan 16:20 29 Sep 10

I will try it on a new laptop.

  john bunyan 16:30 29 Sep 10

And others. It appears to be a software problem with my inbuilt multi reader ( can read all sorts including floppies). I tried it via the reader on my Canon MP64o, and that was OK.
Thanks for all the input to those who have replied.

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