Can't re-open chrome after closing

  tonybob6 24 Dec 11

Hi Chaps, Really appreciate some help here, I have searched in various places but can't find anything:

Simple problem, not really found an answer - I can go into Chrome and its fine, until I shut the window, but then realise I need the internet for something else, try to reopen it and nothing. I either have to reboot pc or reboot router. It has been happening for a few weeks now, I uninstalled chrome and reinstalled and the problem still occurs. It also does it with IE but not all the time (never use IE only chrome). Not sure if its BTinternet / router / PC or other software (Mcafee?). I have mCcrappe on here (preinstalled :-( )and its generally fine, chrome is on my list of safe sites etc, just seems like a glitch somewhere, a very annoying glitch.

Any ideas?

PC is Dell inspiron , windows 7.

Thanks in advance! And merry xmas!

  iscanut2 24 Dec 11

Not a solution, but maybe try Firefox and see if that creates same problem. You can then at least eliminate the browsers as being the culprit(s).

  Woolwell 24 Dec 11

Have a look in task manager after you have closed Chrome and see if it is still shown. It is possible that it isn't closing properly and therefore is unable to open.

  octal 24 Dec 11

It could be a corrupt file in your Google Chrome folder, this happens in Firefox sometimes. You could try in-installing Google Chrome and deleting the profile folder which I think is located in C:\Users(Your user name)\AppData\Local\Google

It will almost certainly delete your bookmarks, hopefully you have made a backup of them.

  octal 24 Dec 11

Of course, re-installing Google Chrome will generate a new profile folder.


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