can't print hole web page

  NO.6 01:16 17 Sep 06

I have a epsom D68 printer but when I print something off a web page it seems to cut it off on the right hand side. I have read somewhere that this can be sorted but I can't remember how,any suggestions?!

  Jak_1 01:28 17 Sep 06

you will prob need to print in landscape rather than portrait. Uses more paper but you get the whole page.

  bellababy 02:48 17 Sep 06

I had this problem some time ago, it was resolved by using Firefox as my browser instead of Internet Explorer. Which one are you using? as a matter of interest.

  bluto1 11:01 17 Sep 06

As Jak-1 said print in landscape.
Click on `File >Print Setup and near the bottom left side of the page click on Landscape.

  Audeal 11:58 17 Sep 06

sometimes you can overcome this by highlighting the text you want to print and then in your printer options select "Selection" and this will print only the text you want and not all the page.

  Mit123 12:49 17 Sep 06

you mean cant print WHOLE web page

  Jak_1 13:08 17 Sep 06

Sun, [email protected]:49

you mean cant print WHOLE web page

This appears to be an inherent problem with Microshat IE. As bellababy states, this can be got round by using firefox.

  bellababy 15:25 17 Sep 06

Was 'Microshat IE.' an intended mistake? I like it :-)

  mad1234 17:08 17 Sep 06

if you want to leave your printer on portrait you can reduce the border down to zero & this should stop the printer from cutting the right hand side off

  Jak_1 19:39 17 Sep 06

bellababy, it was a mistake I meant to type 'Microshaft', lol

  bellababy 23:17 17 Sep 06

Excellent, even better LOL :-)

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