Can't play video (but audio ok)

  guarro 20:03 03 Nov 05

Hello there.

Recently my PC has been unable to play any video images. Regardless of whether the clip is using media player, real, quick time or anything else, when the clip plays there is audio but no video.

I first noticed the problem shortly after installing something called Sony Picture Package, which came with my Sony digital camera, and tried to play back short video clips that I had taken with this camera – wasn’t sure if the problem was connected, but I have now removed the Picture Package software and the problem persists. At about the same time I also installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 – again, not sure if there is any connection.

The strange thing is that the first frame of the clip is always viewable, but as soon as I click ‘play’ the screen goes black. The clip clearly does play, as there is audio.

This is now a real pain, as it means I can’t watch any web footage (BBC news etc.), or do any video editing (I’ve got Canopus Let’s Edit installed).

Hope this makes sense. Any ideas what my problem might be? Many thanks.


PS: I’m a bit of a PC dullard, so nothing too technical please!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 03 Nov 05

Start - programs - accessories -system tools -system restore.

Restore your sytem to a date before your problems started.

  guarro 20:49 03 Nov 05

Thanks Fruit Bat - although are you sure that this won't delete/remove any files that I've added/amended since (my problem started over 6 months, and there's a lot of stuff on there since then!)?

  cortez© 21:33 03 Nov 05

No, this should work fine, even though it isn't directly solving the problem. :)

  guarro 21:37 03 Nov 05

So it won't make other (unwanted) changes to my system - e.g. remove all the software I've installed since then?! Sorry for pushing it, but I want to make sure that I don't do anything that is going to give me more problems than I've already got!

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