Can't open Sygate Free Firewall

  Axii9 16:08 03 Sep 04

It was fine before. It just won't open anymore.


  rawprawn 17:13 03 Sep 04

Reinstall ?

  Axii9 17:27 03 Sep 04

I was hoping that wasn't the answer!!

I haven't used the computer for the Internet for the last couple of months. I have updated everything. Only problem is Sygate.

Anyone else fancy a stab?


  jesta 18:24 03 Sep 04

i have the same problem as you!my syagte does not work for some reason aswel!need help!

  canard 19:43 03 Sep 04

There is a very new version of Sygatr- it was noted in Helproom a couple of days ago Trying this might leave you with a working model.

  Wak 19:59 03 Sep 04

Just a thought but if anyone has recently installed the newer version of Sygate over the top of the old one, it is possible that both shortcuts are still in the Programs list when you click on START.
My new Sygate wouldn't load until I removed the old shortcut.

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