Can't open email attachments in Hotmail

  polo 18:20 31 Jul 06

Can anyone help. I use Hotmail and until recently have had no problems opening attachments.I do a lot of photography and have friends who do so and send me photos. We all send jpg's which previously have always opened automatically as part of the email. Now even if I click on the attachment it doesn't work. I'm asked if I want to download, I click on it and I don't now get the prompt which asks me whether I want to open or save. Does anyone know what to do to correct this situation?

  eedcam 18:50 31 Jul 06

Well just checked it out on mine and sent a Paint shop pro image was only given the choice to save . Then sent a Jpeg and It was in the mail plus clicking on attachement gave the normal open save or cancel choice.I know its not the answer have you tried right clicking?
Also if you are using the new Hotmail get on to them all sort of wierd things can happen with that beta

  polo 18:56 31 Jul 06

Thanks eedcam. Yes mine used to work just as you've described. Right clicking doesn't help either. I'm not on the new Hotmail.

  FelixTCat 19:09 31 Jul 06


You may have lost the file association for jpgs. Can you open jpgs on your desktop?

Can you copy the attachments to your desktop and open them there?



  polo 16:33 01 Aug 06

It's not just jpgs.

  eedcam 18:07 01 Aug 06

Might be worth going on the new system you can always (but check first) revert to the old one . Might do the trick

  polo 22:11 16 Feb 07

I still can't open file attachments, never solved it and it is such a nuisence

  Technotiger 22:16 16 Feb 07

Hi, maybe a System Restore back to before the problem started ....

  polo 23:45 16 Feb 07

Good idea, but it's been with me over a year!

  Technotiger 04:53 17 Feb 07

Hmmm, that is probably too long for a successful Restore. What email program do you use, perhaps you could re-install that to attempt a repair - it is more likely that the problem is with your email program.

or try using Incredimail for your emails. I use Incredimail with my hotmail address, have done so for years - I also send/receive lots of photos/pics, which can either be sent as Attachments or Inserts - I usually use Inserts to send my pics.

Free download at click here

  Miros 05:45 17 Feb 07

I have problems opening attachments in Hotmail address while in Outlook Express but none when I use the Hotmail web mail facility !!

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