Can't open a (dbx ) file/folder?

  Johnti 20:20 09 May 03

I somehow moved a folder of saved e-mails from Outlook Express 6 onto my desktop. Whilst the folder is now on my desktop, if I click on it to try to open it just opens Outlook Express, but I can’t read or view any files therein.

Clicking on Properties shows it is a dbx file containing some 6.1 mb.

I run Windows 98SE - everything else works normally. How can I restore this file or be able to view its contents?

Regards, John H. Smith

  Gongoozler 20:58 09 May 03

Hi Johnti. The problem with Outlook Express files is that all the e-mails in any one of your OE folders are compressed into one dbx file. If you look at the dbx files in the location where OE stores them you will find a file for each OE folder and another one called folders.dbx. This last one is essential because it tells OE how the individual e-mails are assembled into the compressed file. You can only read the e-mails if all the .dbx files are in the right place. When you double click on the desktop file, the file association tells your computer to open OE, but not what to do next.

Open Windows Explorer, select Tools - Find - Files or Folders - Named *.dbx to find where the file on your desktop should be. It will brobably be C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{a very long group of numbers and letters} If the file that is on your desktop isn't also there, drag it into its correct place in that folder, and with any luck all should be OK.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:54 09 May 03

have a read here as here


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