can't open attachment

  pomerian 31 Dec 11

I have Windows XP home edition and I think IE7 a Friend has sent me some pictures as an attachment to an email but I can't open them when I try screen shows ;- In blue at top of window, C/documents and settings\Temporary internet files\content.IE5\SWY... in window, This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Creat an association in the folder Options control panel. I don't know what that means, I should like to get the piotures can anyone help please.

  northumbria61 31 Dec 11

The attachment requires a Program File Association (ie: it needs to know what to open it with) Follow this LINK enter link description here

  pomerian 31 Dec 11

It says it is a microsoft slide show what do I do now ?

  KRONOS the First 31 Dec 11

What do you mean by You think a friend sent you some picture. Did a friend send you picture or not. You will have heard of spam and viruses I am hoping.Make sure the pictures have actually come from a friend before trying to open them.

  northumbria61 31 Dec 11

Cronus - read it again. I think what pomerian is saying is I have Windows XP home edition and I think IE7 but then goes on to say a Friend has sent me some pictures as an attachment

  pomerian 02 Jan 12

northumbria61 that's right forgot to put a comma after IE7. would still like to see the pictures any ideas anyone

  Graham* 02 Jan 12

Do you have PowerPoint program? Right-click on the attachment and select Open with, browse to PowerPoint.

  iscanut2 02 Jan 12

Why not ask your friend as to the format used ? Ask what program was used to create images and then you will know what program you need.

  pomerian 02 Jan 12

Problem now fixed have installed Power Point Reader from Microsoft site thanks for help

  Graham* 02 Jan 12

Worth a green tick?


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