Can't logon to windows

  Trojan 20:21 05 Oct 09

Hi problem is PC boots to logon screen but the keyboard will not work so I can't put the user password in,PC running XP home sp3,how do I get in to bios or windows without a keyboard.It is my sons pc which had a drink spilled on the old KB (even after all my warnings about the dangers)he bought a new KB but I think he did not install it properly (it came with a install disk) any help I would be gratefull,I have spent hours looking through PCA helproom.

  birdface 20:30 05 Oct 09

Try in safe mode.just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts and maybe try a system restore.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 05 Oct 09

what sort of keyboard?

  cream. 20:31 05 Oct 09

USB or PS2 keyboard?

I fit's usb, try a ps2 keyboard
if it's ps2, try a usb keyboard.

  birdface 20:36 05 Oct 09

Or maybe try unplug the keyboard and then switch the computer off.Plug the keyboard back in and switch the computer back on.Has the old keyboard dried out and does it work at all.

  cream. 20:40 05 Oct 09

you unplug a ps2 keyboard with the machine running, you could damage the motherboard.

  Trojan 20:41 05 Oct 09

Thanks Buteman, but F8 will not work no response from KB

  Trojan 20:44 05 Oct 09

Not sure if ps2 or usb as I said it is my sons we talked over phone,going tomorrow to check it out,will let you know on results,thanks again for your early response.

  birdface 20:46 05 Oct 09

Like cream said maybe forget about unplugging the keyboard I may have got that wrong I thought it was just a problem if you plugged it in while running.Would safe mode not work at all.Did you keep tapping F8 as the computer started or would it not let you sign in again.

  Trojan 20:58 05 Oct 09

Further to Buteman,my house proud daughter-in-law put the old KB in the bin,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I can't get into safe mode without new KB working.

  Sea Urchin 21:24 05 Oct 09

Why not try the on-screen keyboard - go to Start - Run - type osk and OK.

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