Cant logon to Ftp

  caast©? 19:52 23 Mar 04

I thought it was about time I updated my websites but I am having trouble logging onto the ftp server.

When I created the web site I was using Win 98SE on another computer with a 56k modem which I now have networked to this (still 98SE)but this PC is running Win XP Pro with Norton AV,XP firewall,Zone Alarm and Pest Patrol.and has broadband connection (Pipex)

I use Terrapin Ftp to upload to my sites and to do this from this PC I just transferred the account setting from the 98 PC.

However when I try to log on I just get connection dropped, check settings. I typed the settings in manually but still no joy.

I have an account with oneandone and have no problems connecting but the other is with Lineone (Tiscali) I have changed the ftp settings to click here but get the same. I rang Tiscali (In malaysia me thinks) and was told the myweb setting was correct.

A thought came to me that It could be something to do with the Firewall and AV software can some one please tell me how I can get logged on.

I have tried Terrapin but unfortunately they were closed. M

  caast©? 20:33 23 Mar 04

Firewall and AV but still not connecting. M

  caast©? 20:37 23 Mar 04

just noticed the click here it is the ftp link
reads:- ftp . myweb. tiscali . without spaces of course

  Forum Editor 20:42 23 Mar 04

the WindowsXP firewall AND ZoneAlarm - why is that?

I suggest that you disable the WindowsXP firewall and try again - or have you already done that? You should not need to turn off ZoneAlarm, it will ask for permission to allow Terrapin to run your machine as a server, and you should consent to that.

  caast©? 19:37 24 Mar 04

Thanks FE I did turn off all apps and tried again

on reboot zone alarm is activated, however it did not ask if I wanted to allow access to terrapin. M

  caast©? 18:07 27 Mar 04

as user logged on but as soon as I click any thing it tells me the server has dropped my connection. This is only with lineone. my account with oneandone is trouble free. M

  caast©? 20:44 08 Apr 04

For some time time I had a Lineone account and posted two websites with them. Last year I changed to when I ordered Broadband.

I cancelled the BT, and Lineone accounts 56K, surf and whatever it was called.

however the websites are still there, and my lineone mail account. I still get mail via the lineone server.

Can I presume that the Lineone ftp is unavailable because I cancelled the account with them? If this is so, why can I still log on to collect mail from my Lineone mail box?

I have telephoned Lineone but did not get any joy, I think I was speaking to someone in the far east!

I just want to update the sites, but am prepared to pull them down and repost with my oneandone account. but I cannot do anything.

can anyone please explain what is going on. M

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