Can't log on to Tiscali

  Halmer 09:39 14 Dec 03

I have a modem and pay as you go account with ic24.

On my lad's PC I installed Tiscali on a pay as you go basis. The internet seems a lot quicker on my lad's PC than it does on mine even tho he has ME and I have XP.


I have tried to set up the same Tiscali account on my PC without success. I have used the Wizard which seems relatively simple and am fairly sure that I have set everything up properly, password, user name etc but I just get a 'Error 690' which indictates a invalid password. I have spent about twenty minutes on the phone talking to Tiscali at 50p a minute and they have checked every setting including the password but I still can't connect.

Can anyone help me please?

  Halmer 10:00 14 Dec 03

Error 691 sorry.

I have just tried the password starting in lower case as well without success.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:06 14 Dec 03

What about username: this has to be correct also or you will get a bad password message.

Check what format the username should be.

  MAJ 10:07 14 Dec 03
  Halmer 10:10 14 Dec 03
  Diodorus Siculus 10:14 14 Dec 03

Halmer - it is correct if it is your email address for that acc. Depends on how you signed up.

Try with lower case initials.

  MAJ 10:15 14 Dec 03

If that's the username you created when signing up, then yes, that is the correct format. Are you sure you used Christian.Surname rather than ChristianSurname?

  Stuartli 11:04 14 Dec 03
  Stuartli 11:07 14 Dec 03

Another possible reason could be that there are more than one subscriber with your surname, so it could be Christian1, Christian2 etc.

  Stuartli 11:08 14 Dec 03

..should read: "there is more than..."

  Halmer 12:42 14 Dec 03

but I can't spot it.

I've checked every setting on my lad's PC and checked it to mine and yet it still wont connect.

I've decided to open a account up instead.

It's set up OK and Ive received confirmation biut does anyone know how I actually set up the name of my e-mail address from the detail below?

We can confirm that your PlusNet account details will be as follows:

Your e-mail address will be in the format of
[email protected] where 'anythingyoulike' can be any word
you like (for example your name).

How do change the anythingyoulike to my own name?

Ive been on their website without success.

Sorry if I appear a bit thick!

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