Can't log on to MSN or ebay???

  Henrik Ibsen 17:14 22 Jun 05


I'm presently having a most infuriating time with my laptop. For the past week, I have been unable to log on to MSN, ebay and several other very important sites. I am merely presented with the message 'This page cannot be found'. The suggestions on the page does not seem to have helped.

After talking about this with friends in the IT business, they suggested getting a new AntiSpyware program (I went for Microsoft's own), perhaps a new anti-virus program (I went for AVG Free Edition by Grisoft) and, if that fails, then try a System Restore.

All three have failed to produce any results with a constant message of 'Restoration Incomplete' for the latter. Can anyone help me at all because I'm now completely stuck and my operations are grounded?

Best Regards,


P.S. Anyone know how much a fan will be for an old 1Ghz laptop from Tiny computers? It's starting to overheat quite regularly.

  bruno 17:46 22 Jun 05

Who is your ISP?
My mate had a similar problem a month ago using AOL and we tried everything.Security settings,anti virus,firewalls etc,and many other suggestions from here and Microsoft.We finally cured it by reinstalling Windows XP home and AOL,plus everything else,or course.It has been no trouble since.

  octal 17:46 22 Jun 05

The hosts file might be blocking access, try temporarily renaming the hosts file to hosts.txt and see if that works.

You haven't mentioned which operating system you are using, but this gives the location of the main systems:



Win 98\ME = C:\WINDOWS

Incidentally, there normally isn't an extension to the hosts file, it's just called 'hosts'

  octal 17:48 22 Jun 05

Sorry, I forgot the formatting on the site:




  octal 17:49 22 Jun 05

For some reason it's not going to play the game, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

  Henrik Ibsen 22:48 22 Jun 05

I haven't a clue what a hosts file is nor what I am supposed to do with the location of the main systems, I'm afraid. I'm not particularly advanced as regards anything technical, just a user.

Meanwhile, my specs are an Intel Celeron laptop with 1Ghz processor, 112Mb Ram, an S3 Graphics Twister (?) and what should be a 20Gb Hard Drive but which reads as 17.1 whenever I check it.

  bruno 19:18 23 Jun 05

You have not said who your internet service provider is.I would be interesed to see if it is AOL,as my mate had settings altered(not by him)and could not access any Microsoft sites and others including Opera,and it did prove impossible to get over until we reinstalled things.

  VoG II 19:22 23 Jun 05

In Windows Explorer navigate to the correct location for the HOSTS file for your version of Windows. Right click HOSTS, select Rename. Change the name to HOSTS.TXT and restart your PC.

  octal 19:22 23 Jun 05

Sorry Henrik Ibsen, it was a bit rude of me for assuming. For a start what operating system are you using?

  Henrik Ibsen 10:11 24 Jun 05

My ISP is ntlworld. I have heard of many more others than AOL having this problem, though. After searching the net for help, there seem to be quite a few problems of this type, with varying solutions (which is hardly encouraging). I am using Windows XP Home, by the way.

'Navigate to the correct location for the HOSTS file of your version of Windows' - ? (clueless, sorry)

This is particularly annoying because I'm hoping to get a cheap-ish PC but I need to get on to ebay in order to make some vital upgrades.....:(

  VoG II 10:31 24 Jun 05

Open My Computer.

Navigate to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS

and rename it to HOSTS.TXT

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