Cant Install Sound Card Drivers

  Hercules02 11:35 07 Jun 09

Hi There
Ive just fitted a CMI 8768 8CH Sound card, which is found at boot-up, but I can't install the drivers. In device manager if I try to re-install the drivers, after trying it reports "Cannot Install", "unable to find necessary files".
I downloaded new drivers from driver guide and ran the setup program and it ran and then asked me to plug in the audio device (which is already fitted in a pci slot). I clicked OK and it aborted without reporting any error apart from a beep. Control Panel reports "No Audio device".
Does anyone know what is wrong ?

  rdave13 11:54 07 Jun 09

Try start-run and type services.msc. Check that windows audio is started and on auto. Try installing drivers again if not. Found this driver but don't know if it will help; click here

  Hercules02 12:07 07 Jun 09

Thanks rdave
Windows Audio starts on auto. Also if I revert to onboard sound that works. Unfortunately the onboard sound causes the system to stop when playing ith Real Player or WMP.
I found your driver as well, but if you click on the link to download, you get an error in Chinese/Taiwanese !

  rdave13 12:11 07 Jun 09

Get the same error with no alternatives. Have you made sure the sound card is seated properly in the slot?

  Hercules02 10:31 08 Jun 09

Yes, I have. Ive also tried a second sound card also made in China :(( and I cant install the drivers for that either. The CD was supposed to autorun, but hung when I selected Install Driver.
Im now going to try harder to find out why the on board sound is causing the computer to hang.
Might there be something else that needs doing (apart from bios disable) to get the motherboard to allow off board sound (7VXRP board)?

  Ashrich 11:40 08 Jun 09

Is there an option in the bios to disable the onboard sound , this may make a difference ...


  Ashrich 11:42 08 Jun 09

Sorry , just re-read your above post , I see you know about disabling the on-board sound already !!


  Kevscar1 12:56 08 Jun 09

Don't know if it will work but uninstall the card in device manager run the Cd and reinstall when it asks you to.

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