cant get on www on dial up

  andy63walsh 17:12 07 Jan 08

my mate still uses dial up, it wont go to emails or www any ideas ?

  rossgolf 17:21 07 Jan 08

how long has (s)he had this problem?

  Graham. 17:21 07 Jan 08

More details - has it been working and just stopped working? Any error messages?

  andy63walsh 18:16 08 Jan 08

i can get on the net, but emails do not seem to work, it keeps asking for username and password, we have entered this but it keeps coming up. sometimes it will log in but will not bring in the emails to his pc on outlook express
the op is windows xp pro sp2
the isp is wanadoo( orange)
pc is pacard bell, pentium 4, 3ghz
the problem seems intermitent by the looks of things
Help !!!!!!!!

  rossgolf 19:00 08 Jan 08

use hotmail instead or a different kind of email viewer

  dfh 19:16 08 Jan 08

silly question but do you have it set up like this
click here=$solution_id&docPropValue=kb79

  Graham. 19:22 08 Jan 08

Is Outlook Express correctly configured? click here gives the info you need, and click here't+send+or+receive+email&resultType=5002#http%3A%2F%2FESERVER_75ee4115-4a20-45d6-a8a4-df34367177b7.xhtml also gives links.

  andy63walsh 20:26 08 Jan 08


  andy63walsh 19:36 11 Jan 08

the set up is all ok, i can get on the net no peob, slow because of dial up but outlook express says 5 incoming messages but they never seem to come ?

  cheap6 19:43 11 Jan 08

Can you access the emails on the web. if so go on there and see if there are any large emails in the inbox if so delete it. These can sometimes be the reason for outlook to lock up especialy on dialup

  andy63walsh 11:52 12 Jan 08

we can access them through 'orange' all ok, some have attachments, may be these ? what sort of size would slow it down do you think ?

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