Can't get into tesco net mail at all today, is it just me?

Having posted that tesco mail was slowing down last week, I have opened a new e-mail account this week but can't get into tesco at all to start moving stuff over ! Does anybody else have the same problem?


Just found this on tesco so have answered my own question! E-mail status Below is a description of the service status of the E-mail service.

Serious fault or a service is down.

Title Date/Time Details E Mail and Webmail 01/08/11 @ 12:16 Tesco Internet customers may be experiencing intermittent problems accessing their E Mail. Please accept our apologies and retry accessing later, as the fault causing these issues is currently under investigation. Customers may also be seeing a delay in receiving some mails sent since Monday 01/08. Tesco Internet apologises for any inconvenience caused.

just got into my mailbox and EVERYTHING has gone it is empty!

  northumbria61 12:53 05 Aug 11

Debe - you may find that all will return to normal when Tesco get it sorted out.

  steve.w 13:09 05 Aug 11

Like Debe I've just got my Tesconet webmail back but have lost all the contents of my inbox, address book etc. I hope Nothumbria61 is right!

I can't see how we are going to get it all back, if it is back up and running now, I am absolutely gutted! I have been trying for days to forward or save items from my mailbox but it just wouldn't do anything, now it is empty :(

  steve.w 12:44 06 Aug 11

Actually spoke to someone at Tesconet who knew what was going on and they confirmed that all "lost" data would eventually be restored, but it might take a few days. The reason it's not there now is that they've moved the service to a new server in order to get up and running again.

  northumbria61 14:43 06 Aug 11

steve.w - "confirmed that all "lost" data would eventually be restored"

This is exactly what I was trying to say when I posted yesterday (12.53pm) If they were having problems with their Server or moving it as you describe then it would be "backed-up" (several times I would imagine) somewhere and just a matter of time before restoring things to normal.

  Sooz SilverTree 18:03 08 Aug 11

I haven't lost any of my data, messages etc, but it is still not working for me (on a super go-slow, and often returning an error message) and also Windows Mail will now no longer download my emails from, it says the server has terminated the connection? There is not a word about this on the page, no apology, no explanantion, nothing. You'd never know we were paying customers :(

  steve.w 09:09 10 Aug 11

Yep, the information for customers is hopeless. My last contact with the "helpline" said it could take up to five days to restore all the missing messages. I've resorted to sending a "to be signed for" letter to Tesco CEO Philip Clarke pointing out that their reputation is being dragged down by their incompetent broadband service operator (Virgin I think!)

  Sooz SilverTree 18:02 10 Aug 11

Five days eh? That's a laugh, this has been going on now for over a fortnight already! My mail seems to be working better today, EXCEPT some emails are still not arriving in my inbox - I made a PayPal payment this morning and still have not had the confirmation email (6pm), usually it arrives instantly. Some emails have taken several days to arrive and three (that I know about) have never materialised at all. I doubt they count as 'missing data' as I suspect that refers to items previously received that have disappeared from email folders. I really wish would post some information. I am going to ask for a refund of this month's subscription payment as I only pay it for the email/webmail service, I no longer use the ISP service as I use BT for that now.

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