Can't get sharp image from DVD. Mystified.

  Mary Barton 10:33 01 May 03

New Computer-ATI Radeon 9500/9700, NEC 1560 monitor supposed to support digital but only get fuzzy picture. DVI-D cable apparently makes no difference. Do I need analog and digital cables together? Completely mystified. Can anyone help?

  -pops- 10:36 01 May 03

Magic words - New Computer.

If it isn't working as it should, complain to the supplier. It is entirely their responsibility to get it working properly.


  Jonathan314159 14:06 01 May 03

Haven't had this problem, but you can have my thoughts for what they are worth. Think your monitor is LCD. From various reviews I have read, i doubt the issue is the cable (ie I can't get a clear opinion as to how much digital link improves things compared to analogue).

However it might be the resolution - as I understand it LCD monitors have a "native" resolution at which they perform best, probably 1024x768 in your case. If they're not at this resolution you get a worse picture.

Doesnt cost anything to tinker with the resolution anyway

  DieSse 15:23 01 May 03

This won't help you get a clearer picture - but will answer your questions - No you don't need both cables together. The DVI solution is technically superior - but in practice analogue signal handling is pretty good on most monitors, so you shouldn't see any significant difference, particularly on DVDs.

The suggection re resolution is a good one to try - see if you can set your DVD player software to the monitors native resolution (the monitor handbook should tell you what it is).

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