can't get to setup screen??

  mesmd 08:52 16 Nov 07

Hi you guys,

Last week my HD began making some clicks and taps on a HP presario 794 C Desktop. It was too late to backup any newer data.
My recoverey partitition was gone and unrecoverable also on the C: drive as the D: partition. I called HP and purchased a new set of 794 c Presario Recovery Disks. Ironically during their installation with a new replaced HD., there were noted 3 different corrupt files on the CD recovery set of 8 CDs. I still used the re try option when a file could not be read from the CD and got the"Recovery Created??? (obviously in error)!

Not surprisingly the files that were corrupt prohibited the faulty D: partition from properly installing Win Xp Home to my new C: drive when recovery finished.
I called HP and they are sending me a new set of recovery CDs!

While waiting I was able to buy a new Win XP PRO CD in it's box. I had set the bios before to CD as the first boot device for the partition CDs after the Bios setup.

Now when I try to boot, with my new CD of Win XP PRO, I got a setup screen that has the F1 for setup and the F10 for Recovery but nothing happens. IT just stays locked up in that screen. I know all my cables, power supply, and memory are properly installed but I can not get past this screen? I have never faced this kinfd of problem with previous computers. The setup had just worked after the faulty CDs were recovered imprporerly on a different Hard Drive. This was a 3rd new Hard drive just as the second, a Maxtor ide compatible with this MB, Bios, Model and acceptable by HP.
What do I do? Now I can't even get to the setup screen to see that all is well for booting off my newly purchased Win XP home CD?

Do I have a suddenly bad small round cmos battery that needs replacement? Is my MB dead? I can hear my PS and Fan. I am going crazy and promise to never buy another HP computer ever!!!

Thanks for any -all help and ideas. It could be my old age and intermittent stupidity?


Please Help?


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