cant get past password screen on a laptop

  bigboab y 13:20 02 Nov 06

Bought a DELL latitude CS on Ebay...came without a hard drive.. which I knew was the case...however when it boots up its looking for a password which I dont know ...I've tried pressing F2 to get into the bios but no joy..paswword screen still there ... any ideas on how to get past this ??

  Eric10 13:39 02 Nov 06

It sounds as if a user password has been set in the bios. This will prevent access to both the computer and the CMOS setup. The usual way round this is to remove the motherboard battery to clear the CMOS information (leaving the battery out overnight in some cases). Unfortunately, with a laptop it means quite a lot of stripping down to get to the battery. Have you asked the seller if he knows the password?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 02 Nov 06

Have a read click here

  bigboab y 14:18 02 Nov 06

Seller is a pc seller dealing with excorporate lappies.. He's no idea what the password is.

  Winxx 15:15 02 Nov 06

well, try the usual


i dunno, just try any usual password

  bigboab y 15:20 02 Nov 06

Like it winx ..tee hee ..tried all that.. BUT ..the bios battery (a green caterpillar shaped thing ) is dead easy to get to ..2 screws ..lift the keyboard and there it is ..I'll leave it disconnected for a day at Eric's suggestion (see above ) ..will keep yu all posted as I just know you are all holding your breff

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:28 02 Nov 06

try D2000

or just hit enter.


  bigboab y 10:04 03 Nov 06

Disconnected the bios battery overnight... still the same......tried all the basic ones 1234 etc .. NADA.. any other suggestions gratefully received.. or its square window time

  bigboab y 11:01 23 Nov 06

In desperation,I WROTE..(you know,letter,envelope,stamp,post box) Dell in Bracknell...after giving them a few details about the lappy,,service tag,express number etc.,they provided me with the password!!!.. had to establish new ownership .. but it only took a few emails to get it sorted... so it can be done . Cheers all

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