Can't get my Hotmail (outlook express) to work

  KorgY 19:16 27 Nov 09


Since a while now i haven't been able to send/receive email in my Outlook exspress (2007) account with my hotmail account (EG: [email protected])

I set my account up as normal, and when clicking send/receive, i get:

"Established network connection" (tick,

"Search for [email protected]" (tick)

Log on to server (CROSS)

I know my password etc is righ, as I use it in windows live/msn etc, so does anyone know how i can get it working? I have sucessfully set up a google mail account though, so it works on that.



  johnnyrocker 19:40 27 Nov 09

it is my understanding that some time ago hotmail posted all holders for weeks that they would be changing the system and might this be it?


  KorgY 19:47 27 Nov 09

I think i heard something like that john, but at least i can get a google mail working:)


  KorgY 19:50 27 Nov 09

Reason \i want to get it working, is because I hope to get an Iphone 3Gs from Tesco's soon, and Sync the Iphone to outlook Express.


  David4637 15:52 28 Nov 09

Hotmail changed the OE settings which came into force in September 09. You have to create a NEW hotmail account with POP3 settings, then you delete the old hotmail account cause it does not work any more. Put a Google search and you should find the info on the hotmail web page. My OE POP3 Hotmail account works OK. David

  Sea Urchin 16:31 28 Nov 09

Here's a link to Hotmail Help - in the search box type 'Use Outlook Express' and then click on 'How do I add my e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express?'

It will give you full instructions on how to set up a new account

click here

  KorgY 17:38 28 Nov 09

thank you all for your help:)


  jaraba 21:38 28 Nov 09

Any know of a good & free ftp software.
One that is easyto use for a beginner

  Sea Urchin 22:48 28 Nov 09

I suggest you start your own thread with appropriate title

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