Can't get monitor to display more than 16 clo(u)rs

  Nonagon 14:49 08 Jul 05

I'm based in Dublin ,Ireland .

I purchased a pc in Munich in december . It is ASRock P4i45GV Rev.3together with AOC 19" LCD Monitor.

There is an Intel Graphics Max . 64 Mb RAM VGA.

I can't get the monitor to display more than 16 colors which is some kind of default position.

The options to heighten color or increse no. of colors in Properties > settings is greyed out .

I think this is a driver problem,the Video Card is not "talking to" the monitor and the monitor does n't know there is a much more high powered VGa available.

Can someone help with this please?

  JayDay 14:53 08 Jul 05

It sounds like the drivers for your graphics card aren't installed. Go to the graphics card website and download & install the latest drivers.

  THE TERMINATOR 15:12 08 Jul 05
  Nonagon 15:13 08 Jul 05

Thanks for that -but being a self taught amateur there are significant gaps in my knowledge. I don't know exactly how to do this i.e. what website to go to and what to do with the download to make it work when Iget it!

  JayDay 15:20 08 Jul 05

The driver you download may be an executable file. So all you do is run it by double clicking it.

  steve12345 15:33 08 Jul 05

Also, you may want to check if Windows has the correct monitor selected.

Right-click your windows desktop, select properties/settings/advanced/monitor and have a look there.

  Nonagon 15:49 08 Jul 05

I did that check and it says it's a default monitor.

I tried to download a driver called P416GV180 but when I double click it it says "Windows cannot find Program.exe.

This program is needed for opening files of type'Zip File Archive'

Location of Program.exe:
And asks you to browse -I don't know how to do this

  VoG II 15:54 08 Jul 05

You need some unzipping software - click here free trial.

  THE TERMINATOR 15:59 08 Jul 05

Have you been to the windows update page, to see if there are any drivers there? By the way what o/s do you have?

  steve12345 16:06 08 Jul 05

It shouldn't say "default monitor". Is there a "change monitor" button? If so, click that and try to find your monitor in the list.

WARNING! **** Don't select any-old monitor from the list as you could possibly damage it ****

  Nonagon 16:31 08 Jul 05

It clearly says default monitor

On the Settings tab itself it sats (Default Monitor)on VGA

I downloaded the free win zip trialand this has confused me out right I never used this programme before and I think I need aN IDIOTS GUIDE.
I now have this message inthe ADD box


but i can't move on from there.

In fact an idiots guide to computing might be handy-never underestimate the gaps in the knowledge of the self taught amatuer!

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