can't get to hard disk

  s99Raj 18:09 27 Apr 04

On a Mesh PC with XP Home I'm getting, on startup, the message :

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt

F8 then Last known Configuration doesn't work.

After booting from CD and pressing R for repair, I've tried FIXBOOT and FIXMBR and CHKDSK but they don't help either.

I've attached the hard drive to another PC and I've tried using Norton SystemWorks but it can't see this other hard drive i'm trying to recover from. Neither can Bad Copy Pro or GetDataBack.
I can "see" the hard disk is present but the PC I've attached it to sees it as containing zero bytes and as having no folders in it.

Any other suggestion please? I very much want to get at the My Documents folder on it and back it up.

  €dstowe 18:11 27 Apr 04

How old is this copmputer? Is it still under warranty? If yes, then get in contact with Mesh.


  s99Raj 18:15 27 Apr 04

It is still under warranty but Mesh just tell me to use the Recovery CD which will simply wipe off all the data, and I don't want that.

  VoG II 18:17 27 Apr 04

click here to fix the corrupt registry.

  s99Raj 18:20 27 Apr 04

log winded method but worth a go.
Will report back later.

  s99Raj 22:07 27 Apr 04

Tried to fix the registry as described in Microsoft Q307545, but at the first step when I typed in

md tmp

I got the error message "Acces is denied".

If I try to do "dir" on drive C, I get the error message "An error occurred during directory enumeration"

  VoG II 22:17 27 Apr 04

It probably is a knackered drive. Sorry.

You could try the freezer trick or one of the others click here

  s99Raj 22:17 27 Apr 04

Can anyone help with this problem please? I'm stuck.

  s99Raj 22:18 27 Apr 04

Freezer trick ?

Don't know that one. What is it?

  VoG II 22:20 27 Apr 04

Erm, click there

  woodchip 22:22 27 Apr 04

I have a small program you could try called DATAREC3. if you want I can send now, before I go to bed if you post through the envelope to the left of this thread

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