can't get on to ebay site but can get into online

  claridge 10:55 11 May 04

we have a home network and broadband connection - I have been unable to get into the ebay site help please!

  mammak 11:31 11 May 04

click here
try this link.

  bruno 14:11 11 May 04

My mate called in on Sunday to check e bay on my computer as he cannot get it to finish loading on dial-up.My broadband was ok.

  Wak 15:06 11 May 04

Some links to Ebay start with addresses like which have their cookies blocked in programs such as Spyblocker and spywareblaster.
To get through to these sites you must first unblock the cookie.
However, the link provided by mammak above should get you through to the main Ebay site.

  claridge 16:09 11 May 04

mammak didn't work - how would I go about unblocking the cookie?

  GaT7 16:25 11 May 04

Try clearing your Internet Cache & cookies & check again. Go to Windows\Temporary Internet Files. Select all (Ctrl+A) & click Delete. Go to Windows\Cookies. Select all & click Delete.

  mammak 16:36 11 May 04

claridge you can also have a look here.
click here;EN-US;q283185

  mammak 16:38 11 May 04

click here;EN-US;q283185

  mammak 16:46 11 May 04

sorry that dosent want to play the game today lol'
try Crossbow7 suggestion.

  mammak 16:56 11 May 04

Found the info that might help you
go to tools>internet options>privacy>click edit for overriding cookie handling for indvidual websites.
ps. sorry about those duff links above

  GaT7 17:07 11 May 04

mammak's link again - click here

Hi mammak - To post MS Knowledgebase links on this site try click here (as kindly suggested by VoG - click here) or click here. I've found links with a ; (semi-colon) in them don't post properly on this site. Also if you're posting a long link, or unsure if it'll post correctly or not, use the links above - always works : ) HTH, Regards, G

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