Can't get changes to my home page to upload

  dobbin 14:31 19 Nov 08

I have tried to write a few things at the bottom of my home page[not designed by me] to try and improve the SEO. I have done this using Expression Web2 and when pre-viewed in browser it all looks just as I want it to. However after publishing, the changes do not show up and when I look at the source code I see the additions do not appear to be there. Could there be some sort of code written in by the web designer which prevents any alterations from being uploaded?

  cortez© 15:06 19 Nov 08

It's unlikely some code could prevent you from uploading changes. Maybe if you link to the site you'll get more specific help.

  MAJ 22:37 19 Nov 08

Or....... did you refresh the page? Ctrl + F5 a couple of times usually does it, if, as fourm member says, the files are in the correct folder on the server.

  dobbin 08:11 20 Nov 08

I am sure you are right fourm member I have had a good poke around but damned if I can see the anomoly. I think I will delete everything on the remote site and publish everything again.

  gerri-atrick 13:29 20 Nov 08

All first pages on a site have to be index.htm or html and it has been known for someone to use the same page renamed to home.html for when the menu button "home" is pressed the title bar has home.html in it instead of index.html maybe thats the case here as if you are doing up home.html then the first page loading will be index.html and you wont see the changes ......just a thought but i have seen it done ;)

If not then its a file structure thing or your not uplaoding to over write the correct page (basically the same as above.

Dont worry this reply is confusing me as well :))

  dobbin 13:45 20 Nov 08

thanks for that gerri-atrick, I did understand what you are getting at. Both files are called index and I have uploaded to overwrite but I am sure it is a file structure problem. I'll get there in the end I just need to spend some time on it.


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