Cant get broadband

  monkeyboy57 14:23 09 Aug 06

we have just moved to Maidstone in Kent and have found out after 2 months messing about with BT that our house is too far from the exchange.

So here is our problem, we have contacted people offering radio broadband and sat broadband, and it seems they are just collecting names and address to see whether or not it would be viable to go ahead with such connections.

My question is , are their any other options we can use, Im not too clued up on lap tops and how they can connect, please can someone give me a few alternatives to look at . much appreciated

  Jak_1 14:50 09 Aug 06

Have you looked at cable? The ame peeps who do the cable tv in your area. A much cheaper and better option that sat BB.

  monkeyboy57 17:21 09 Aug 06

no cable where we live mate, we are right out in the sticks. so cable and anything thats runs through the phone line is totally out of the question.

  pj123 17:24 09 Aug 06

Try here:

NTL or Telewest may be available in your area.

Just enter your postcode.

click here

  realist 19:18 09 Aug 06

I also live in Maidstone.

AOL told me I was too far away from the exchange and it was "highly unlikely" I would get BB. However, in the event, there was no problem getting BB Silver and my line will support up to 5megs.

So don't believe everything you're told is my advice.

  monkeyboy57 21:21 09 Aug 06

the house is not servicable by ntl or telewest. We have been trying for the last 2 months with BT who at first said we could have it, we have had the modems sent by them on for all this time as well as a number of engineers and service calls to no avail.

Thanks for all the answers so far , just really need to know a bit more about radio or sat broadband or access through a laptop. how is this done??

  De Marcus™ 21:26 09 Aug 06

click here not as expensive as it used to be but still not as cheap as wired broadband.

  monkeyboy57 22:16 09 Aug 06

tried these mate , they were just fishing for names to see if it viable to supply the area. cheers Any others ??

  De Marcus™ 22:21 09 Aug 06

How are they fishing for names?

You order the service, you get it?

  wjrt 22:29 09 Aug 06

could be of use

click here

  pj123 17:43 10 Aug 06

Whereabouts do you live in Maidstone? My friend lives in Tovil and has Broadband no problem.

What is your Postcode?

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