Cant get adw to work

  bumpkin 23:03 07 Feb 15

I can download it OK from from Bleeping or Major geeks and it shows as OK . PC Win7 then asks if I want to allow it to make changes which I agree then that is the end of it, nothing happens and nothing on the screen apart from the usual stuff. Tried it many times.

  bumpkin 23:10 07 Feb 15

Just tried it again and got a message " downloading 0% of 0kB/s"

  rdave13 23:48 07 Feb 15

Be careful with ADW. It can cause problems. You've already downloaded the up to date version. Click on the .exe file and it should run. If not then you have other problems or malware that need to be cleaned first.

  bumpkin 23:49 07 Feb 15

Now says "database corrupted" a lot of problems with this PC lately, maybe time for it to be recycled into a saucepan which would be more useful and less likely to break every time anyone touches it:-)

  robin_x 23:51 07 Feb 15

It's supposed to be Run as Admin (right-click the .exe).

Dunno if that's the problem

  rdave13 00:00 08 Feb 15

I would run Rkill from Bleeping first, then run Malwarebytes on an updated version. Then reboot. ADW would be my last port of call.

  rdave13 00:02 08 Feb 15

Swan make good sauce pans I'm told.

  bumpkin 00:06 08 Feb 15

I have right clicked the .exe when I have been given that option which is what I normally do with a download but that option no longer is there. I will run Malwarebytes and CCleaner to see if that helps.

  rdave13 00:12 08 Feb 15

Run Rkill first. click here

  bumpkin 00:40 08 Feb 15

Rkil shows no errors, tried downloading adw again pressed exe but nothing on the screen again other than my usual icons, no scan button or anything. I tried to run CCleaner about 10 mins ago but gave up as no response, it has now just shown up. I dont know what is going on.

  bumpkin 00:51 08 Feb 15

Swan make good sauce pans I'm told.

Yes they do but I doubt if this heap of heap of crap would make one good enough for Poundland let alone swan probably only good enough for part of a front wing on a Ford if it is lucky:-))

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