Cant forward photos sent with emails

  dolphinaber 17:19 08 Feb 09

Its just happened. When I try to forward an email which has a photo the email goes OK but not the photo.Any thoughts please.
AOL. Vista.

  Technotiger 17:23 08 Feb 09

That is because you do not have the actual photo on your hard drive.

You should first save the Photos to your My Pictures and then re-send them with another email in the normal way.

  ened 17:27 08 Feb 09

Not true.

  dolphinaber 17:44 08 Feb 09

Hi Well up to yesterday when ever I got an email from my friends containing maybe a joke as an example and included a photo and I want to forward to other friends they get the email but they all complain `Wheres the photo or series of photos` if thats the case.
I have tried one or two ideas by forwarding to myself but no luck.
Always could before!

  ened 18:03 08 Feb 09

I'm sure there will be a simple answer.
But in the meantime try a syatem restore to a time when it was working.

  Technotiger 18:21 08 Feb 09

Another reason this can happen is down to the Format of the Images - .jpg and .bmp are normally fine, however .gif might or might not work, other extensions often don't work at all.

  Switcher 18:21 08 Feb 09

Try TOOLS > Options > Send > tick mail sending HTML Then advanced and tick Send pictures with Messages.

  woodchip 18:38 08 Feb 09

I agree thats what happens with vista, you need to save the photos as above then attach as normal to you mail

  ened 18:55 08 Feb 09

I am using Vista Ultimate and have no problem: message in -message out in it's entirety with nothing saved to my Hard Drive.

  woodchip 18:57 08 Feb 09

It May be the Mail Program that you use, Its just that my son had the same problem

  dolphinaber 22:02 08 Feb 09

Thanks all. Can you please tell me where I will find the Tools I need. I clicked on the Tools in the window but internet options came up with no options to click on so could not click on send.

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