can't find video on panasonic lumix tz10 on windows 8

  mimsbims 26 Mar 13

I recorded some footage on my panasonic lumix DMC-TZ10 with the REC mode setting: AVCHD lite, quality: SH When I put it into my new ASUS K55V laptoop which has Windows 8 I cannot find the footage at all. I can see it in my camera but not on my laptop. I wish to download it to my hard drive for editing purposes. I am also struggling to find windows movie maker on this laptop. Is it not automatically available on a windows PC?

Please help


  Woolwell 26 Mar 13

Windows Movie Maker is part of Windows Live Essentials and does not automatically come with Windows. Download. You do not have to install all of it, just the bits that you want but you probably have to uncheck parts.

How are you connecting the camera or card?

  cdapples 12 May 13

I have the same problem, I have my SD card in the card reader, I can see the video as still which unlike the other photos fills the screen, but not as a video. I can see it as a video on the camera screen so I know it is there.

  mimsbims 13 May 13

Sorry you're having the same problem. Since i downloaded windows movie maker I have been able to find the file in windows explorer. it is a .MTS file. I can play it. I burnt it for a friend who has a mac and they cannot play it. I have not tried it on another PC yet and am at least happy for now that I can play it. Wish you luck.

  Woolwell 13 May 13

Mac's are not that happy with mts format. Would have been better to convert it before burning it for a friend. Or they could try downloading the free vLC player for mac which should be able to play mts.


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