Can't find replacement for Medion laptop battery

  Dragon_Heart 23:03 PM 11 Jul 12

I have a Medion MD96178 laptop which is about 4 years old.

I've come to the conclusion the battery is dead. 'Plugged in not charging' tried all the normal solutions supplied both on these forums and the web but no joy.

Tried Amazon and Duracell Direct ( who are going to get back to me ) but I am experiencing problems locating a supplier for a replacement battery.

The problem with many on Amazon is many are called for example 'XYZ (UK)' but they are NOT UK based and something gets lost in the translation.

It's an 11.1 volt 4.4 Ah model ref MSN 40018281 (S UR 18650F ) and also has the ref series MIN 2200, which I assume is the charger ref

Any ideas

  birdface 07:54 AM 12 Jul 12


Not a great help but have you tried e-mailing or phoning Medion to see if they could advise you on where to get one.

  difarn 08:11 AM 12 Jul 12

I agree with buteman - they are very helpful.

  The Kestrel 09:39 AM 12 Jul 12

This is a genuine UK based company that supplies laptop batteries. It might be worthwhile contacting them.

  rickf 10:39 AM 12 Jul 12

Try ebay. I have just ordered a replacement battery for my MD 96697. Waiting for it to arrive.

  Dragon_Heart 21:17 PM 12 Jul 12

Will try Laptop Batterys Direct and let you know.

Never been a big fan of ebay but as a last resort ....

Thanks everyone :-)

  Dragon_Heart 16:34 PM 11 Aug 12

Tried Medion, even thay are having trouble getting adapters & chargers.

Have now got by searching for alternative make laptop on Amazon.

Thanks for all your suggestions :-)

  rdave13 17:08 PM 11 Aug 12

I'm not sure if this will help but check for another number on the battery. Got replacement for a Packard Bell netbook which was difficult to find. That had um08a41 on it, another HP battery had an even smaller code -mu06. Searched Amazon with superb-choice printed after the batt. code. This is the result for the Packard Bell link. What's good with this company is you get the image of the battery which helps to identify.

Just found another one for my old Compaq, link. I've bought 2 from this USA company and have had no problems.


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