Can't find libraries in Internet Explorer

  lotvic 18:45 26 Mar 14

Windows 8.1 pca How-to.

"Don't worry if you can't find the libraries in Internet Explorer. They are still there - just hidden. Here's how to make your Internet Explorer libraries reappear. " ClickHere

I haven't got W8.1 but somehow that How-to doesn't seem right to me? Can someone enlighten me please - does the how-to article make sense?

  Bris 19:08 26 Mar 14

Hi Lotvic.

There seems to be some confusion here between File Explorer and Internet Explorer.

The answer relates to File Explorer.

  Woolwell 19:29 26 Mar 14

Poor reply and I would have thought that the author would have proof read it before hitting enter. Wrong use of Internet Explorer.

  lotvic 19:59 26 Mar 14

Confusion between File Explorer and Internet Explorer. That's just what I thought. I'll let FE know.

  Matt Egan 09:42 27 Mar 14

Thanks guys. Exactly as suspected a simple - slightly shaming - error in the production process. Now amended. Good job we have such tech savvy readers!

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