Cant Find IE9 In Add/Remove

  jaraba 21 Jun 11

My laptop tried to install IE9 and failed thus stopping using IE completely. I tried to re install IE8 but it wouldn't let me as it said there was a newer version. Looked in add/remove to uninstall IE9 but couldn't find it.

Anyone know where its hidden itself.

  rawprawn 21 Jun 11

Which OS?

  buteman 21 Jun 11

Just in case make sure you have another browser installed that you can use.Then go back to add remove and click on turn windows features on or off.

There should be a tick against IE8 or IE9 untick it and press ok.

That removes whatever version is on there but sometimes causes problems using the internet again if you have not got another browser to use.

If you reboot I believe you can reverse it by ticking it again to get it back.

  rawprawn 21 Jun 11
  Woolwell 21 Jun 11

rawprawn gives the answer in the link but just to make clear you will not find IE9 in aad/remove programs but it is in Prgrams and Features as it is treated as part of Windows.

  jaraba 21 Jun 11

rawprawn Vista

  jaraba 21 Jun 11


I have the download for IE8 so can install that when I get rid of IE9

  Woolwell 21 Jun 11

jaraba - Follow rawprawn's link post at 08:13 today.

  rawprawn 21 Jun 11

jaraba Follow the instructions in my link. Anyway I had forgotten XP will not take IE9, and Vista and Windows 7 are the same

  jaraba 21 Jun 11

Many thanks everyone.

Succesfully got rid of IE9 & back to IE8.

Once again the forum users have come up trumps


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