Cant find hard drive!

  andywg 14:09 11 Oct 03

A computer my mate has will not boot as it cant find the c drive, I've tried all I know, formats, boot disk everything!! (Its running Win ME)

What else can I try?


  mark e 14:16 11 Oct 03

Are there any indications as to if the drive is running. ie. lights, disk spinning etc:

  Jester2K II 14:21 11 Oct 03

Tried plugging it into your PC as a Slave and seeing if you can read the drive from there?

  andywg 14:26 11 Oct 03

Mark e - yes the lights do flash and it beeps, but thats it.

Jester - no have not tried that one!

  mark e 14:29 11 Oct 03

If it beeps try the HD Manufacturer's site and look for error codes.

  andywg 14:38 11 Oct 03

Ok, will do, what are these?

  mark e 14:42 11 Oct 03

They should give an indication of the error with the drive. And therefore aid diagnosis.

  Jester2K II 14:45 11 Oct 03

What is the patern of beeps? Do you know the BIOS make?

  andywg 15:58 11 Oct 03

Mark e - thanks for that!

Jester - its just the one beep on boot up, Im not sure of the bios make, will find out for you.

  Kitz E Kat 16:13 11 Oct 03

One beep, that's good!!

Check the BIOS, on boot look at the screen , do you see any text , the like off, ' to ender setup press the XXX key' if so do that else try the DEL key or the F2 key, on my dell laptop its the F1 key play around and you should get in...

Then in the BOIS check the settings and see if the HD is listed there...

Did you'r mate do anything that we should be aware of before the problem????

Kitz E kat

  andywg 16:50 11 Oct 03

I dont think so, she was on the net last time i think, could it be a virus?

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