Cant find a great American PCI Video Card in UK

  Flopsy 13:47 30 Oct 05

Hi,I've got a DEll Dimension 3000 PC. It hasn't got an AGP point or PCI-E. In the USA they are all raving about a new PCI card. Its a card called the 'ATI Radeon 9250 256mb PCI Video Card'. Costs around $80 - $130. But no-one, not even on EBay will ship to the UK. The best UK one is a 9250 128mb from Saphire. Does anyone know if its bigger brother is compatable with my system and why they're being so difficult? And if its fine WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 14:53 30 Oct 05

dont know about compatibility with dell but you will find one here click here

  Flopsy 16:48 07 Nov 05

I bought a GeCube 256mb DDR Radeon 9250 PCI video card from Ebuyer for around £50. It worked superbly for about 2 days, before I had problems with the CD/DVD driver, before finally the whole computer went into Powersave Mode. Many hours later I'm back on the Computer, all re-installed and inadequate graphics. Anybody had similar difficulties and found a solution? Its doing my head in. The Companies who sell them have no technical knowledge.

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