Can't find an audio adapter 3.5mm. 3input, 1output.

  bumpkin 22 Mar 13

Hi all, I have had a good look on the net but can't find one I think is suitable. I want to connect 1 tv and 2 Pc's to 1 speaker system. I have done it just with cables but it is not 100%, a few niggly problems. What I need is one with 3inputs and 1 output (switched if necessary)all 3.5mm. Seen plenty that are the opposite 1in X 3out but not sure they would work in reverse. Any ideas as to what best to use or another way of doing this please.

  caccy 22 Mar 13

I don't think you can do it because you would be connecting 3 outputs together and they could destroy each other by feeding into one another.

  BT 22 Mar 13

Perhaps an Audio mixer something like this

Audio Mixer

From Keene Electronics.

If this isn't quite what you need have a browse as if Keene haven't got what you need it probably isn't available.

  rdave13 22 Mar 13

A switch like this might be OK?

  bumpkin 22 Mar 13

caccy, that is the problem I have using just cables and a splitter. I was looking for a switching device so that only one was connected at a time or something with electronics in it to prevent this. BT, looks good but all the connectors appear to be phono. rdave13, that is the kind of thing I need but again is phono. I would need 4 3.5mm X phone adapters to do it. Cheap enough but I wanted to keep things as simple as possible, the more connectors the more potential problems. If that is the only way to do it then I will have to try it. As it is I only have to switch a few cables around anyway but I always have to look for the right gadget if it exists.

  rdave13 22 Mar 13

Phono is audio?

  bumpkin 22 Mar 13

I realize that rdave13 what I meant was my connectors are 3.5mm jack type plugs not the big round ones that I refer to as phono,hope that clarifies

  rdave13 22 Mar 13

No adapters for them ?

  rdave13 22 Mar 13
  bumpkin 22 Mar 13

rdave13, no I haven't as I said in my earlier post but I don't mind getting some, I will need 4. Was hoping to find a nice neat little thing with 3x3.5 inputs and 1x3.5 output but I can't find such an item hence my post. If adapters are the only option then OK.

  bumpkin 23 Mar 13

Thank you for your suggestions. Just to let you know I have now managed to do this using some bits & pieces I had. Not the neatest thing but hidden away and it works.



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