Can't find ANY good reviews on laptop webcams!

  katswhiskers 12:42 10 Apr 05

I'm looking for a webcam which I can clip to my laptop and also stand it beside me on the table.(so as I can capture other people in the room and not have to get up and change seats)

Every review I look at on webcams is not very inspiring. Can anyone recommend one pleae?

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 13:56 10 Apr 05

Hi, this looks quite a good one -

click here


  pj123 14:10 10 Apr 05

Try here:

click here

  katswhiskers 12:06 17 Apr 05

Thanks Technotiger (like the name!) Yes,looks good, but seems as if one can only order via email to Taiwan! and there's no price. Cheers tho.

Thanks pj123 - thanks for link, but there's a bug or something on the site. I get so far and then keep losing internet connection! Hey Ho!

Has anyone else had personal experience of a good 'laptop' webcam?

  Magik ®© 12:28 17 Apr 05

the logitech pro 4000 has a laptop clip, and stand, and the write up is ace, it works very well, and it has get what you pay for..

  Technotiger 13:34 17 Apr 05

Me again - there is a nice one on here, with zoom.
This firm are Tops. Their place is cleaner than many hospitals, excellent service.

click here

ps - won the name in a competition after answering computer based questions.


  katswhiskers 14:57 17 Apr 05

Hi Magik - I see there are lots of Logitech Pro 4000's. Which model do you have please?

Technotiger - Thanks for link. Yes, I agree I have always been pleased with Novatech.

  katswhiskers 15:00 17 Apr 05

PS to Magik - actually I see it attaches with velco! Not sure about that! Have you used velco to attach yours sucessfully?

  anchor 16:11 17 Apr 05

It says:

"Use the innovative flat panel clip to fit onto any monitor"

click here

This camera has been rated "tops" in a number of reviews; as said above, you get what you pay for.

  Technotiger 16:19 17 Apr 05
  Magik ®© 17:08 17 Apr 05

it holds on with a very bendy clip, so it sits on top of the laptop screen velcro..

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