Can't even get on internet on new PC

  Fried Lobster 16:37 29 Sep 06

Basically i've just bought a new PC. Tried to get it to go on the internet last night via Ethernet and it just won't work. Go to Network Connections > Create a new connection > Connect to the internet > (Windows advised i go to set up connection manually with broadband) > Connect using broadband connection thats always on > Finish and there's no new connection

I've tried most things on the Create new connection wizard

Please Help? Thanks!

  Fried Lobster 17:18 29 Sep 06

I'm on a network of 2 PC's Starting from a BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router then going through a D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router (DI-604)

  Forum Editor 18:25 29 Sep 06

Why are you using two routers?

  ade.h 19:29 29 Sep 06

The 205 is a wires-only router, so presumably, you are trying to use the DI-604 as a WAP. Is that right?

  ade.h 19:52 29 Sep 06

I have checked the specs of the 604; that is a wired router as well, so I cannot see why you would want to use both. The D-Link is likely to be the better product anyway, in my experience.

  Fried Lobster 22:48 29 Sep 06

I use the 205 Ethernet to go into the D-Link which then splits it four ways. It works i know because ive used a second pc before.

  ade.h 23:36 29 Sep 06

"I use the 205 Ethernet to go into the D-Link" - your meaning is unclear. Are you saying that you have more than four Ethernet-connected clients?

  Forum Editor 00:02 30 Sep 06

whereas the D-Link has four.

You said that you have two machines networked, so obviously you don't need 4 LAN ports. The problem is that the D_link is a standalone router - it doesn't have an inbuilt ADSL modem.

I'm not sure how you arrived at this configuration because you've spent money needlessly - you would have been far better off either buying a wireless ADSL router which has four LAN ports anyway, or a standalone ADSL modem and using it with the D-Link router.

Whatever you decide, you shouldn't be using two routers - ditch the Voyager and buy an ADSL modem for the D-link. Otherwise, cut your losses and ditch both routers - then buy a Netgear of Belkin wireless ADSL router. They all have four LAN ports on the back.

  ade.h 00:17 30 Sep 06


Note that you would need an Ethernet modem if you go down that first router, as the D-Link - like almost all routers - does not have USB modem capability. click here

I would just buy an ADSL modem/router instead.

  ade.h 00:18 30 Sep 06

for "router" on my second line, read "route".

  Fried Lobster 13:29 30 Sep 06

I've used wireless before, the wireless signals were blocked so i used this set up. Anyone know a solution without spending money?

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