can't download some websites

  Honorary Aussie 20:53 20 Oct 14

Since arriving home from holiday yesterday I've been unable to access Facebook and Twitter on my laptop, I just get a system error message, and the troubleshoot comes up with nothing wrong. No problem getting into other sites bar one, which won't let me past the home page. Nothing is coming up on McAfee. Any idea what might be blocking me?

  alanrwood 09:51 21 Oct 14

FCan nyou system restore to before you went on holiday. Might help.

Try disabling McAfee completely to see if that is the culprit.

Can you access them using your desktop (I presume you have one on the same router.)

  john bunyan 10:37 21 Oct 14

It would do no harm to download and run ADWCleaner.


  Honorary Aussie 12:29 21 Oct 14

Alan,I've tried a restore to no avail. The sites are fully accessible on my old netbook, my android tablet and i-Phone.

  john bunyan 12:39 21 Oct 14

Have you tried ADWCleaner on the machine with the problem?

  alanrwood 15:01 21 Oct 14

What about disabling McAfee temporarily to see if it vis causing the block.

Can you boot into Safe Mode and try it.

  Honorary Aussie 15:34 21 Oct 14

Alan - no that hasn't made any difference. It seems that it is only Facebook and Twitter that I can't get into at all. The only other problem was trying to get beyond the home page into my holiday booking details, which I overcame by using my old (and as I'd thought useless!) netbook!

  Honorary Aussie 15:36 21 Oct 14

John - I tried downloading ADW and it wouldn't run! It couldn't find the .exe file for some reason. Is there any free stuff out there I could try? Everything I've looked at expects you to register and/or pay.

  Honorary Aussie 21:08 24 Oct 14

Well in the end I've sorted it! There was something amiss with IE, installed Firefox as default browser and now all is well!

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